The 2nd Infantry Division,

Korean War Veterans Alliance, Inc.

Welcome to the home page of the 2nd Infantry Division, Korean War Veterans Alliance. We are a fast growing non-profit all Korean War veteran organization. The purpose of this site is to provide service to our members by keeping them advised of past, present and future events. You will be informed about our reunions, Tours to Korea and for the 50th Anniversary of our Korea War Battles called Korea 2000 being held both in the states and Korea. You will be assisted in locating other 2ID Korean War veterans that served in your unit. Stories and photos will be published. You will be linked to various sites run by veterans for veterans and sites that you may have interest. If you lost a family member as the results being KIA or died later of combat wounds, make sure you open our American Battle Site Commission page, complete and mail the form. We are a mutual benefit, non-profit California Corporation with IRS tax exempt number that allow your donations to be tax deductible. We do not seek donations for this service, but don't return them. Our expenses are covered by our volunteer member workers, small dues and profits from sales and raffles